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(Southern California based)


About Jordanne

With over 20 years experience, Jordanne has taught “unofficially” for most of her life by sharing her enthusiasm for the animals in her care.

Jordanne gained real hands-on experience, learning from trial and error and medical emergencies including minor surgery.   She focuses on true HOLISTIC poultry care through all cycles, from hatch to death.   With matter-of-fact honesty, Jordanne shares the pros and cons of including chickens in your life and never hides the harsh and difficult truths.


Her passion is in not only the physical care and safety of the birds but also in their emotional and pyscological well-being.


Jordanne’s classes and advice border on spirituality, compassion for all living things, a reverence for life and a love of the natural world and the role we all play in it.

Classes and Services